South African Language Web: Sesotho
Page with introduction, basic words and phrases, links and books on Sesotho.

Resource for the Sesotho language

Nalane ya Mosotho
Resource in and for the Sesotho language

On Sesotho
Sesotho blog - discussions on Sesotho and the Basotho people. Also includes language quizzes.

African Languages: Sesotho
Includes introduction to language, hierarchy of the South-eastern Bantu language group. Also has a few links to related sites.

Google: Sesotho
Search on the Internet with Google in the Sesotho language

Bosiu bo kgutsitseng
The Christmas song Silent Night in Sesotho

Ethnologue report for Sesotho
Introduction and statistics on the language.

Friends of Lesotho: Sesotho
Introduction to language. Includes sound samples.

Lesedi FM
Sesotho language radio station. Mainly English content.

Mountain voices
Short Sesotho glossary

See Lesotho: Culture
Description of cultural aspects of the Basotho people.


South African Languages Web
Information on all the eleven official languages of the Republic of South Africa.

Government of South Africa
Official web site for the government of the Republic of South Africa
Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB)
Language board for all the eleven official languages of South Africa.

Linguistics Society of Southern Africa (LSSA)

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