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Dumela! Welcome to Sesotho Online, a web site for the African language, Sesotho, spoken by the Basotho people in the Republic of South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The language is also commonly known as Southern Sotho or South Sotho and is part of the Ntu (Bantu) language family.

News & Updates to the site
- Be sure to visit the Learn Sesotho Online website: Learn Sesotho Online
- Also see the website by Fezekile Futhwa: Nalane ya Mosotho (in Sesotho)
- Basotho names updated
- Online Sesotho dictionary Bukantswe updated - currently more than 10 000 terms



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Bukantswe Online - Go directly to the Sesotho online dictionary (now with 10 072 terms!)

Bukantswe 1.2 Electronic downloadable dictionary

Introduction and sociolinguistic information
- General introduction
- Basotho in Lesotho
- Basotho in South Africa
- Language variety in Sesotho

- Oral literature
- Sesotho publications
- Folk stories
Language and Grammar
- Forms of greeting
- Basic phrases
- Sound structure
- Sentence construction
- Nouns & noun classes
- Pronouns
- Adjectives
- Verbs
- Adverbs
- Locatives (place)
- Tenses
- Moods
- Deverbatives

- General
- Proverbs, idioms and riddles

- Basotho names
- Online dictionary
- Downloadable dictionary

Terminology and word lists
- Sesotho computer word list
- Sesotho elements of the periodic table
- Sesotho education word list
- Sesotho numbers
- Place names

Educational and Teaching resources
- Teaching resources
- Online Sesotho exercises
External Links 
- Related web sites
- Research on Sesotho
- Studying Sesotho

- Linguistics Society of Southern Africa


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Sesotho Wiktionary (online dictionary)

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Thanks also to the following people for their contributions to this website: 
Rethabile Masilo, Tebello Thejane and Likengkeng Thokoa

See the Basotho names page for contributors to that section


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